Sunday, April 6, 2008

The bloggers are coming, the bloggers are coming!!!

I'm writing this post from the Farmington-Hartford Marriott hotel in anticipation of the upcoming Grand Lodge Annual Communication. Earlier this evening , I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with three of the four other Masonic bloggers in Connecticut. We have been planning to get together for several months now, but our schedules never seemed to coincide. We finally decided to meet for dinner and drinks prior to the Grand Lodge session.

M.M.M. from the North Eastern Corner, Traveling Man from the Movable Jewel, Tom Accuosti from the Tao of Masonry, my Worshipful Master, my Senior Deacon and myself met for dinner at the Marriott Hotel Restaurant. Afterwards, we shared drinks and fellowship in my lodge's hospitality room. The night was very enjoyable and I was very pleased to meet the other bloggers from the area. I hope that we will be able to do this again soon.

One thing that surprised me was how different each of our Masonic viewpoints were. Each of us had a truly distinct opinion on all things Masonic. However, we were able to discuss several topics throughly and thoughtfully. I believe that this was one of the truest forms of Masonic Communication. We were able to discuss topics that would probably divide most groups of Masons and lead to argument, but like gentlemen, we respected each other's opinions and listened attentively to each other's perspective. Displaying this open-mindedness while keeping our own opinions is at the heart of Masonry. To paraphrase Brother Traveling Man, Harmony is not everyone sounding the same together, that is monotony. Harmony is everyone producing different notes that when sounded together produce a beautiful chord.

Thank you my brothers for a great evening!


Tom Accuosti said...

Each of us had a truly distinct opinion on all things Masonic.

Mine is the correct one, of course - but being in the Craft has taught me tolerance.

I should have known that you'd have been the first to blog about this - you had more electronic equipment in your room than the CIA.

MMM and I walked around a bit, had a drink with Friendship Lodge, and then I handed him off in their care so I could go home. I hope he managed alright.

Rob Bussey said...

Don't forget us up here in Boston, MA. Perhaps we can all meet during our 275th Anniversary May 3rd-5th.

Traveling Man said...

I would like to echo V:.W:. Bro:. Tirell's comments. I had a truly enjoyable evening with you all.

Traveling Man

munkholt said...

Hear hear, Bro Bussey! Come on over!

Anonymous said...


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