Sunday, July 8, 2007

A call for papers...

I've started a list of papers, articles and websites in the right hand column of this blog. So far, I've only added a couple of papers that I have read there and plan to add many, many more. Several brothers across the world have been putting their ideas on paper and have written about how to better our fraternity. I do not necessarily agree with these papers 100%, but I do believe they make several good points and are aimed in the right direction.

One of the papers on this list, Laudable Pursuit: A 21st Century Response to Dwight Smith, can also be found on in spoken form. I think this kind of ingenuity is fantastic. By putting Masonic information in audio or visual format. It makes us appear more modern and allows the young adults of the information age to be introduced to Freemasonry. Furthermore, for our own brethren, it allows us to better multi-task. In fact, I'm listening to a Masonic podcast while I'm writing this. Here is a link to the youtube version of the paper and the first part of the article can be found below this post. So, go ahead! Click that link and listen to this article while you're sending out emails or updating your website. You could even plug your computer into your stereo and listen to it while you do dishes or laundry.


Tom Accuosti said...

Welcome to the Masonic blogging world, VW Brother!

Traveling Man said...

If you are in search of more Masonic Material, there is always The Lodge Room, which contains a number of videos and a Masonic Dictionary.

I highly recommend W.B. Dafoe's work.

And let me welcome another Connecticut Freemason to the blogosphere.

Traveling Man

Anonymous said...

See Hodapp's article in the Scottish Rite Journal, "Boring Our Members To Death." He's one of the guys who wrote LP plus some of the stuff on Masonic Dictionary. And of course his Dummies books.


Tom Accuosti said...

And don't forget:

For a collection of interesting papers on all different subjects.

Osiris said...

Welcome to the blogging world or our Craft! I look forward to your posts. May G-d's peace and blessing be upon you and your family.